'Buzz & the Creative City' investigates the urban experience of creative and cultural sector workers in Leeds, interested in how the atmospheric experience of the city impacts upon them and their work.

This website provides an introduction and overview to my current research project 'Buzz & The Creative City', which I'm undergoing as part of my PhD at the University of Leeds. This website intends to inform people who are interested in the research generally, and also creative and cultural workers in Leeds who might be interested in being involved in the project. As well as information about my research, there is also a mini personal biography, which hopefully explains about my background and why I'm interested in this particular area of research.


There are 3,400 creative and cultural sector businesses, employing 30,000 people in the city.


A PhD Researcher, lecturer, and walking enthusiast, living and working here in Leeds.


The atmospheric result of creative and cultural activity, manifested in a rich mixing of people and place.


A collection of musings and ideas broadly related to creativity, culture, cities, and walking.


Creating walking audio maps of Leeds with creative and cultural workers using a custom built app and method.


For more information about me or my work, to offer ideas, or to be involved in my research, please get in touch.