Creating an academic vernacular

I’m currently living out some romantic notion of academic scholarship - getting lost (literally and metaphorically) in libraries, discovering interesting tit-bits of knowledge buried away in dusty books and obscure journals, unearthing ideas, phrases and paragraphs that seem tenuously but somehow beautifully connected to what I’m studying. I’m building links between my work and that of scholars centuries ago, banging thoughts together like chips of flint, as if to strike sparks from them with which to ignite my own thinking.  

I am attempting to express my conceptualisations, ideas, thoughts and theories about Buzz in relation to a pre-existing academic vernacular about general urban life. I am attempting to find a way of expressing the intangible experience of Buzz (and the potential of that experience) by finding connections, cross-overs and blurs between established theory, critique, literature and in the canon of ‘urban life’ writing in general and my own ideas.