Urban Exploration

Presentation from Bradley Garrett on his gonzo-ethnographic experiences of the Urban Exploration world.

It’s a poignant critique about what urban space is and what it could be, focussed on peeling away the structures of surveillance and access, and testing the parameters and definitions of ‘public’ space. I highly recommend adding a copy of his book ’Explore Everything' to your Christmas list if you’re interested in hacking, social and cultural geography, situationism, sub-cultures, or critical urban studies.

A mini observation/question for Bradley; By scaling sky scrapers or walking restricted tunnel networks did you really undermine or challenge corporations and governments by accessing spaces preserved or controlled by them? Rather, I’d imagine that the last - and potentially only other people - to stand on those rooftops or walk those tunnels were working class, manual labourers. Were the views and spaces you took back from the City ever the preserve of the City to begin with?