Walking with Nietzsche

I write not with the hand alone,
My foot would write, my foot that capers.
Firm, free and bold, it’s marching on
Now through the fields, now through the papers.
— Nietzsche, 1882

In his philosophy, Nietzsche poeticises that walking, far more than being a means of moving from place to place, is in fact a prerequisite for his thinking and for his work. The mobility of his body, his capered marching, was simultaneously a traversing through the actual (‘fields’) and the mental (‘papers’). For Nietzsche, the freedom that his walking enabled, and the boldness and firmness of thought it inspired, is one that was impactful not only for his work, but through his work. This is thinking made active through the rhythmic cadence of walking, and captured and reflected in Nietzsche's rhyme and stanza.