There is a history of using walking as a means by which to understand human-place relationships. Here, it is made present through embodied mobile technology.


My research project involves walking around Leeds with creative and cultural industry workers based here in the city. As a collaborator in my research, you will be asked to walk me to places that you consider to be important for creating and sustaining buzz here. Whilst walking, we'll have an open-ended and informal conversation about the buzz of Leeds in general, with a particular focus on how it relates to you and your life as a creative or cultural sector worker in the city. In order to capture your ideas and the places that are important to you, both the walking and talking will be simultaneously captured using a custom built mobile application which has been developed specifically for this research.


Audio-Mapping is a methodology developed specifically for this research, which uses an IOS app as a piece of capturing software. The app enables me to record both audio data and location data simultaneously, effectively generating 'audio maps' of Leeds. GPS mapping combined with audio recording allows me to track both our walk and our conversation, capturing our narrative about space as it unfolds spatially. The locations, spaces, areas, and routes we visit, as well as your interpretations, commentaries, emotional reactions, and experiences of those spaces, will be brought together in one interactive visualisation. I call that visualisation an Audio-Map, and I will collate a whole series of them from a diverse mix of participants.


Participants will be selected based on their employment within one of 15 creative and cultural industries sectors. The sectors of the creative and cultural industries are; (1) advertising, (2) architecture, (3) arts & antiques, (4) crafts, (5) design, (6) designer fashion, (7) film, video, & television, (8) software & electronic publishing, (9) music, (10) publishing, (11) museums & galleries, (12) radio, (13) photography, (14) computer games, & (15) visual & performing arts.

If you want to create your own Audio-Map of Leeds and be a collaborator in this research, get involved: