‘Buzz' defines the sensate, atmospheric, and experiential spaces of the creative city. It combines the intangibilities of place, perception, and meaning.


Buzz is not a new term; it is part of a common description of urban experience, used and understood widely as connoting a dynamic and creative relationship between urban people and urban places. The relationship between the 'social' and the 'working' places of the creative city has been a central theme of creative and cultural industries research, and the term 'buzz' has been used to try and capture that relationship. This research aims to define what buzz is, where it comes from, and what its function is within the creative and cultural industries in Leeds.


Buzz, for many, is about the hive of activity that takes place within creative and cultural organisations, as workers collaborate to conceive of and create new things. Buzz is both the outcome of activity, and a catalyst for activity, simultaneously emerging from and driving creativity within companies right across the city. 


Buzz exists outside of work too. Particular bars, coffeeshops, restaurants, and events will be at the centre of Leeds' buzz for many of you. As you come together with colleagues and friends from across the creative and cultural sector, you establish a social network that will span the city. This cities creative scene emerges from the activities of 'play', just as much as it does from the world of work, and I'm interested in finding out how the two are interrelated.


'Work Buzz' and 'Play Buzz' are connected, geographically and metaphorically, across Leeds. The blurring of work-space and play-space in the city at large establishes the entire city as terrain for creative buzz, perhaps related to certain areas more than others, but nonetheless all encompassing and pervasive. I'm keen to find out where one persons buzz map of Leeds overlaps with another's, in order to ultimately create a map of buzz at the city level.

If you want to walk with me to create your own buzz map of Leeds, please get involved: